Augmenting businesses for the next economic revolution

We use applied AI in private equity investments in an effort to create value and build market-leading companies.

We call it Point72 Hyperscale.

Applied AI


The practical application of artificial intelligence (AI) to business outcomes with a focus on accuracy, efficiency, and adaptations.

"AI is going to transform a lot of industries, make companies more dynamic, workers more productive. I want to invest in opportunities at the forefront of that innovation because five or ten years from now it’s going to be required to compete.”

Steven A. Cohen
Chairman and General Partner, Point72 Hyperscale
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Much of the promise of AI is unrealized, but businesses are already applying algorithms to workflows and winning in their industries.

Applied AI will unlock productivity gains on par with the industrial and information revolutions. First-movers will have enormous advantages.

As AI automates rote tasks, workers can apply human creativity and ingenuity to tackle more complex problems and deliver better service.

Integrating applied AI to business is easier in concept than in execution, requiring specialized investors and dedicated technical expertise.

We are a different kind of private equity investor.

Point72 Hyperscale seeks to identify transformational opportunities for applied AI and to drive change through our flexible capital and deep expertise. We partner with forward-thinking management teams with a long-term vision to build market-leading companies.

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the process

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