the process

We built Point72 Hyperscale because we believe the next generation of market-leading companies will harness the power of applied AI.

Our mission is to help our partners provide superior products and services, have more fulfilled employees, and multiply the power of their workforce.

Every story will be different, but this is our roadmap:

Start with thematic research.

We look for data-rich industries where applied AI can drive meaningful increases in productivity and margins. We do deep proprietary research to develop a thesis for how our investment can create a sustainable competitive advantage in a specific industry.

Invest in the right partners.

Our model is built on partnership and shared vision. We work collaboratively with founders and management to sharpen our thesis and articulate our goals. We focus on investing where we have a strong alignment of purpose with management.

Engage with portfolio companies.

With a thorough understanding of the business, the data scientists, engineers, and product managers on our Foundry team engage with portfolio companies to kickstart transformation.

Help build great teams.

As we tackle applying AI to the business, our Foundry team also helps make key hires to set the company up for self-sustaining success, and we remain in an advisory role after our engagement is complete.

Press our advantage by scaling rapidly.

Our goal is to create a competitive advantage through applied AI and then back our portfolio companies to scale aggressively. We support investments in organic growth and provide capital and expertise to source and execute acquisitions.

the team