Addy Mistick




When I'm out of office

You can find me hiking, camping, road-tripping, and visiting the highest natural points in all 50 states.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

Chop wood every day.

When I first heard about Hyperscale it was like one of those lightbulb moments for me. I saw the tremendous potential to expedite applied AI’s impact across a broad set of industries. Applied AI can be powerful, and interweaving the technology within  businesses can drive better, faster outcomes.

My favorite part of it all is the people! I constantly feel energized when interacting both with my colleagues and our portfolio companies – a group of people all passionate about trying something new,  using AI to advance businesses, and pushing boundaries.

Prior experience:

  • Director of Intelligence Community Support at In-Q-Tel I managed the relationship with one of IQT’s key government customers where I was responsible for understanding the evolving strategic priorities of executive sponsors, building and growing relationships between IQT technical and investment staff and various customer groups, overseeing a portfolio of existing investments, and assisting in the qualifying and executing of new investments.
  • Program Manager at In-Q-Tel I oversaw the execution of 20+ technical work programs between government customers and venture backed startups, which led to dozens of successful technology transfer activities.
  • Environmental Science and Policy I have a background in environmental science and policy that led me to a position consulting for the Natural Resources Defense Council on their Brewers for Clean Water campaign and an internship with the state of Massachusetts focused on sustainable water management. Yes, I really do want to talk about that article you read about that water thing once – seriously.

The Team

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