Alex Rosner




When I'm out of office

I’m either enjoying Northern California’s wine country, cooking for friends, or on long walks with my husky.

What's your signature dish?

I lean pretty heavily into sous vide. It’s a toss-up between 24-hour cooked pork belly, brined pork chops, or 8-hour Cuban style Mojo pork. I guess there’s a theme there…

I’m a trader turned data scientist turned product manager—so this role is really a culmination of the last 10+ years of my career. I’ve invested, developed ML models, and built user-facing ML product experiences—so I think my range of previous exposures will be helpful when solving the wide array of challenges we encounter.

For me, the ability to partner so closely with management and help develop a strong data culture is what’s both unique and exciting. As interesting [and important] as some of the sophisticated AI will be—I get most passionate about making a company more data-informed and dedicated to leveraging analytics for all parts of their business.

I think Point72 Hyperscale has the opportunity to create an immense amount of customer value within industries that have historically been slow to innovate and leverage analytics to improve both internal operations and the overall product experience. We have the ability to make game-changing advances that will shape the future of businesses for years to come.

Prior experience:

  • Data Scientist and Product Manager, Stripe I worked on many of Stripe’s earlier user-facing products and led model development for some of the first ML-driven products. I then transitioned into product management, where I led development for Radar, a suite of ML-powered fraud prevention tools.
  • Data Scientist and Data Science Manager, Twitter I player-coached a team of data scientists and analysts split between growth and parts of the core product. I first focused on user growth, retention, and the new user recommendations—and then shifted to working on the first ranked timeline and tweetstorm feature.
  • Analyst and Trader, Saiers Capital I helped manage a portfolio focused on currency volatility. I spent most of my time trading our positions and developing risk models and pricing tools for exotic derivatives.