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Alexis Perlmutter



Partners, Foundry

When I’m out of office

I’m either working on designing my own home, or lately, designing my friends’ homes.

What would your superpower be?

I would speak every language. Seems like that would surely come in handy at some point!

I love the earliest stages of product development, where a team is aligned on making a brand-new idea become real. I’ve built products and led technical teams at companies in various points of their development – from Series A to growth stage to publicly-traded – all focused on the intersection of data science, data infrastructure, and AI/ML applications.

Ideas are free. What excites me most about the Point72 Hyperscale team is that we are operators. We have all struggled in our previous roles with messy or missing data, competing business priorities, and mounting tech debt. I love being able to bring lessons learned along the way to portfolio companies, so they can focus on building meaningful products.

What truly gets me up in the morning is a chance to solve problems with smart, collaborative, and creative people. Every single person at Point72 Hyperscale inspires me to be better at my job and a better human, and I learn something new each day. We’re constantly learning and iterating.

Prior experience:

  • Tempus Labs, Director of Product, Data Built the pharmaceutical research and development use case for Tempus genomics data, helping to scale a team of seven product managers and more than 50 engineers across a suite of data engineering, infrastructure, and data science products.
  • Civis Analytics, Head of Product Helped scale their data science platform by 6x, led a team of 15 product managers, product designers, and client success analysts that worked closely with 35+ engineers, and shipped the first version of their predictive modeling solution.
  • Amazon, Senior Product Manager Conceptualized and built version one for a machine learning recommendation engine within Amazon Business. Also created the business case for Amazon Insights, helping companies launch new products that consumers love.

The Team

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