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When I'm out of office

If I'm not spending time with my family or shuttling my daughter to her various activities, you can find me nerding out on the latest sports analytics.

What would your superpower be?

Controlling the time-space continuum.

I joined the Point72 family several years ago and have held various roles at the Firm. As the Point72 Hyperscale strategy progressed, there was clear energy and excitement that we believe we’d found a transformative and differentiated approach to private investing, so when the opportunity rose to be part of this frontier strategy, I jumped at the chance.

We’ve only just started tapping into the opportunities that Point72 Hyperscale presents. What lies ahead is a massive execution step, and that’s what is most exciting. To borrow a football analogy, if feels like we found something in film study, designed the right playbook, and now we get to play the game.

The culture and talent on this team is incredibly unique, and each member has a very specialized skill set. I learn so much from my peers every day and it creates a really stimulating environment. Everyone is passionate about what they’re doing and it feels as if we’re all rowing in the same direction.

The potential of Point72 Hyperscale is vast – we are seeking to transform and modernize businesses that may not have had the resources or wherewithal to do it previously.

Prior experience:

  • Chief of Staff to Head of Market Intelligence and Point72 Ventures I helped oversee operations for three of Point72’s business units: Market Intelligence (the home of Point72’s discretionary research efforts such as alternative data and primary research), the Firm’s centralized systematic investing strategy, and Point72 Ventures.
  • Point72 Long/Short Equities Executive Officer I provided managerial support to Long/Short investment professionals at the Firm.
  • Point72 Head of Finance Analytics Our team had two primary mandates: planning, reporting, and forecasting performance across the Point72 universe, and performing strategic analysis for new business opportunities. It was the best entry point to the Firm because it touched the entire ecosystem.

The Team

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