Faris Karaborni




When I'm out of office

Enjoying the outdoors, playing disc golf, or sampling craft beers

What would you do if you had more time?

Build a campervan and drive from Scotland to Kamchatka

I joined Point72 Hyperscale from a company of 75,000, but my focus on process sustainability, efficiencies, and optimizations can have similar effects in both organizations.

The opportunity to join a group of individuals at the forefront of the industry and learn from their expertise was a no-brainer. I go into every interaction thinking, “What can I learn from this person?” instead of “What can I tell this person?”

Foundry really is what sets Point72 Hyperscale apart from the competition. Having access to top Data Scientist, Product Managers, and Engineers is a differentiating factor for any business looking to grow.

The spontaneity of working in such a dynamic organization excites me and keeps me on my toes! Every day is different.

Prior experience:

  • Global Demand Planner, ExxonMobil Chemical Company I led a project to integrate a new Advanced Demand Forecasting solution (incorporating ML) across the company.

The Team

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