Harsha Vardhan Dasarathy




When I'm out of office

I am riding my bike around NYC on my way to a comedy show, a movie, or Central Park. Or I am at home watching European football.

Three common things I've never done

Driven a car in America, enjoyed peanut butter (I tried it but very much dislike it), eaten a Big Mac

Working with large amounts of varied data in my previous position helped me learn the rigor and discipline required to build models and analyses that are both valuable and statistically accurate. With AI and ML being at the center of the Point72 Hyperscale team’s thesis I knew I could play a significant role in the success of the  team.

I naturally tend to view the world through the lens of mathematics so learning something about a corner of our world through numbers is illuminating. To be able to bring these kinds of techniques to companies/industries where it may not be de rigueur means we have so many possibilities to simplify and automate so that decision makers can set their companies up for the most successful versions of themselves.

I was also impressed by how everyone on the team very clearly enjoyed working with and respected each other. That culture seemed like something I wanted to be a part of!

Prior experience:

  • Senior Data Scientist, 1010data I worked on some of 1010data’s most critical data products built off consumer spend data servicing clients across financial services, retail, and CPG.