Joe Pak




When I’m out of office

You’ll find me somewhere outdoors, likely fishing, golfing, playing pick-up basketball, or hiking.

If you could compete in the Olympics, what event would you choose?

The 4x100 meter medley relay in swimming. Individually, each athlete is a world-class athlete, but the bigger challenge is figuring out how to win as a group.

I’ve worked with data and AI throughout my career, and I’ve seen how challenging it can be to build AI products because the technology has been so nascent. As the scale of what is possible has changed, that’s enabled more businesses to start thinking about incorporating AI into their products and operations.

AI is going to transform the world, and I believe the changes will be fundamentally positive. Hyperscale will rapidly accelerate that innovation by developing the playbook for creating world-class AI application and building businesses that utilize that technology.

Prior experience:

  • Product Management at Samsara I joined the Samsara team right after its Series-D fundraising round. The company was experiencing rapid growth and needed a product manager to take charge of its developer ecosystem and product integrations. Over a year, I helped the team scale out its enterprise API products and establish over 50 different product integrations with third-party systems.
  • Product Management and Business Operations at FiscalNote When I joined FiscalNote, I was about the 50th employee. When I left three years later, the company had grown to 400 people. The company gave me the opportunity to contribute in many ways to the rapidly-growing business – working on enterprise sales, analytics, M&A, partnerships and product management – which helped me broaden my skillset.

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