Jordan Houtz




When I’m out of office:

I’m doing CrossFit, reading, listening to podcasts or hiking with my wife. Utah is my backyard, so there’s a lot to do here any time of the year.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve ever been given?

You determine your destiny through your choices. If you must work hard, do so to find a smarter solution.

I love to be the frontline contact with companies that we hope to work with. There are so many interesting founders, business owners, and operators, and I get to talk to all of them. I’m fascinated by the amount of expertise people have, by the stories of how these businesses have been built. It’s my favorite part of the gig.

I’ve worked in investment banking, technology lending, and private equity. That means I’ve seen a lot of business models, met with many management teams, and seen numerous term sheets. That’s informed my perspective across industries and helps me look at companies in unique ways.

The Hyperscale thesis sits at the intersection of technology, growth investing, and the future of business. By applying AI/ML technologies to our companies, we want to lead a revolutionary wave of value creation in business and the broader economy. This is a “next level” opportunity and I’m glad I’m a part of it.

Prior experience:

  • SVP at Capstone Partners I worked on buy and sell-side M&A advisory engagements across Business Process Outsourcing, Human Capital Management, Consumer, Industrial, and Marketing Services sectors.
  • Senior M&A Analyst at KeyBanc Capital Markets At KeyBanc Capital Markets I focused on every aspect of sourcing and executing M&A transactions, with a primary focus on industrials and consumer businesses.
  • Venture and Growth Lending Associate at Silicon Valley Bank My experience at SVB provided me with unparalleled exposure to start-up, venture and early-stage companies, two of which became unicorns during my time there. Our clients spanned the software-as-a-service, high-technology, consumer products, and consumer technology industries.

The Team

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