Kevin Berardinelli




When I’m out of office

I’m probably playing rummikub, painting on canvas, seeing live music, or watching Premier League games.

When are you the happiest?

When other people are happy.

I’m genuinely excited to see applied AI change the global economy for the better and positively impact the lives of many workers and business owners.

I joined Hyperscale because the mix of problems we’re tackling and the people we’re tackling them with are so unique. Plus, in 2016 I told my wife if I ever had a chance to work with Dan and Sri again in any capacity, I’d drop everything to do it. So here I am.

I like that our approach hinges so much on talent strategy and M&A integration. Both are uniquely difficult disciplines, which so many organizations undervalue. If we get it right, Hyperscale will level up the entire economy through more sustainable businesses and more fulfilled people.

Throughout my career I’ve always worn many hats. Throw me anything and I’ll handle it.

Prior experience:

  • Plaid I was the first dedicated growth hire, and I helped dozens of our top customers build and improve fintech applications while growing revenues and scaling the relationship management function.
  • In-Q-Tel I led program management, portfolio analysis, and technology transfer efforts for 150-plus tech startup investments.
  • Early jobs I was a Perl programmer, a biophysics researcher, a medical coder, a mulch and compost salesperson, a construction laborer, a singer in a band, and a line cook at a Cajun restaurant.

The Team

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