Mark Pollak




When I’m out of office

I’m probably golfing, skiing, hiking, running, camping, listening to a podcast or an audiobook, or on a long road trip in pursuit of one of the above.

What’s your signature dish?

Shakshuka – a Mediterranean dish consisting of eggs poached in a sauce of tomatoes, oil, bell peppers, onion, and garlic. I like to add some spicy peppers for a little extra heat.

In my prior life, I focused on tech-oriented growth investments. In each of those, I developed theses around how the application of technology was transforming both the macro industry and the participants within it and then partnered with management teams to leverage those technologies to build scalable businesses.

In that work, I saw the transformative potential of AI on how work gets done and decided I wanted to be a part of an organization where its application was core to any investment thesis. The Hyperscale approach brings the best of two worlds together, combining AI with the operational infrastructure and data to see business transformations succeed.

Point72 has built out the Hyperscale team to apply this strategy to its fullest potential, adding unique talent in the Foundry and Operations teams that allow us to execute on our applied AI investment theses. Because those teams are in-house, we can also serve as a better partner to our portfolio companies, driving continual improvement instead of just helping complete one-time projects.

I love that I’m continuously learning. I really enjoyed that aspect of going to school, and every day here feels like another day on campus.

Prior experience:

  • Riverwood Capital I worked on minority and majority tech growth investments including Forecast5 Analytics, Nextdoor, and Sensor Tower. I had a particular focus on companies that were serving the education and government sectors.
  • Ridgemont Equity Partners I worked on growth buyouts of telecom infrastructure and software companies such as Unite Private Networks, Cross River Fiber, J5 Infrastructure Partners, and Simpleview. I particularly focused on fiber infrastructure and vertical software application providers.
  • William Blair I worked as an investment banker on technology M&A advisory and equity capital markets offerings.