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Partners, Investments

When I'm out of office

You can often find me experimenting with something or another in the kitchen – everything from roasting large chunks of meat to creating a mess in new and unusual ways.

What fascinates you?

People who are geniuses in a unique way, like those who can play any music just from hearing it once, or seem to always know the right way to say something.

I’ve loved technology for as long as I can remember. It’s why I chose to be an engineer and why I still spend my spare time reading about how tech can improve everything from coffee brewing to furniture making. Investing gives me a chance to do for a living something that I’d gladly do for free – learning about technology.

The latest machine learning algorithms are the most disruptive technology I’ve ever been around. And I’ve had a chance to see everyone from early-stage startups to the U.S. government struggle to figure out how to take advantage of these advancements. Building a business is never easy.

Working at Point72 lets me meet people who quit their jobs to build new and exciting companies– and it’s tremendously gratifying to work with these folks to figure out how AI can be a central part of what they do. I wake up every morning excited at the prospect that we’ll be helping our founders build market leading companies in dozens of different industries.

Prior experience:

  • Running Lab41 at In-Q-Tel I led a hybrid team from the intelligence community and the private sector where we worked on changing the way the government thought about the power of datasets and how quickly and cheaply new solutions can be developed. It was here that I saw the potential of AI and the power of having top-tier teams, and I used the insights I gained to form the basis of our Foundry team.
  • Head of the Advanced Analytics team at In-Q-Tel This job was, at the time, what I’d been seeking for my entire career: an opportunity to stay at the cutting edge of technology, meet with entrepreneurs, work with the brightest people at the 3-letter agencies, and invest in the best ideas.
  • Mission Applications at BAE Systems I was introduced to the concept of product management in this role. I had the chance to meet with warfighters, understand their needs, and design solutions – something that is sorely missing in the military-industry complex, which often focuses on catering to the Pentagon rather than the actual soldiers.
  • Systems Engineering at BAE Systems Every engineer needs a first job where they learn everything that their college education neglected to teach them, and this was it for me. I spent days in RF anechoic chambers (they block radio frequency from the outside to enable more accurate testing), and weekends on military bases, building and testing communications equipment that went into military planes, ships, and vehicles

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